I want to make some hats with extra large brims,

My brim block is only 5 1/2" I want to make brims that are 8 -10 inches. any advice on how I can do this, I haven't even seen a brim block this big, yet I see hats this big

any advice appreciated


Dianne Graham

Over the Top Hats

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It depends on what material I am working with, how I make the brims larger than my blocks.  If it is fabric (lace, netting etc. I just wire them and that works)  For felts and straws, I steam the brim then use the biggest brim block with the curve most like what I want.  I start at the crown edge of the brim and carefully iron the brim over the block and then slide the brim up the brim block trying not to mess up what I have already pressed.  You need to work the brim of the hat over the brim block where it will produce the correct curve or slant, so as the brim gets larger, you may need to slide it up or back.  I hope this makes sense.  Sometimes I can even use towels to help "build out" my brim block.  Like I always say, take my advice with a grain of salt, sometimes I just make my techniques up as go. :)


Thank you Bridget. I will give it a try


Over the Top Hats



Hey BB

Go to Hobby Lobby and buy one of those Styrofoam wreath shapes and use that.  I have blocked many large rims doing that.  Also made an upturned fascinator out of the half ball.



Wendy, you're a beast.  Not since Scarlet repurposed draperies has someone shown such ingenuity!

I'm gonna' try that. 



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