Do you always fall in love with your finished product?

I have had a piece that I have been working on, which is blocked on a round cocktail block in sinamay. After all the usual wiring ect I used a gorgeous oriental satin to make bias binding for around the bottom.

After that I have put it together and taken it apart 3 times. My hat has been sitting on my desk for days untouched, I have changed my design in my head a number of times. I just don't love it.
My question is do all you experienced milliners always fall in love with each piece you finish or is there some you don't even like?

To be honest I have a lot on my desk not finished after only 2 months. mostly flowers ect that I made during classes.

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Haha Ness, I have one of those headpieces at the moment that I have to complete for a client. The lady wanted one the same as I made in felt last winter but in straw and the brim is perfect but the top is just not happening. I have done it about 10 times. Di

Yes Ness I have had this happen. Sometimes it is just a matter of leaving it overnight and refreshed in the morning I see the solution other times I need to leave for longer..... and other times I have threatened to turn them into Frisbee!!

If it is an order for a client that is not easy to reinvent but if totally your design for wholesale change the shape by manipulating the wire or add extra trim and maybe another colour in some form. In TAFE our theme was turn your faults into features. Some of my best sellers have come through this process. Keep having fun   

Some milliners draw designs and know what the finished product will be before they even start to work with the fabric. I, on the otherhand, let the fabric and trimmings "speak" to me until the hat is finished. I try several ways of finishing and trimming a hat and take pictures along the way. (I use pins to get the idea so I can undo until I am ready.) I then do a comparison of the pictures and decide on the final hat.) But, I keep the picture as reference for future hats or to redo any hats that do not sell. In this way I can quickly redo a hat and be ready to offer it for sale. And, yes, some sit for quite some time before I completely decide.

As for falling in love with all of them, no. I do have my favorites (these are the ones I would wear) and I also have some that do not appeal to me personally. Usually the ones I dislike the most are custom orders.
Hi sharon I've just been reading your reply to Ness omg you have said everything I was thinking, that's exactly how I work, word for word we must have something in common except I've only just started. did you see my pics
Yes! I have decided to take my little pearl cocktail hat that I made from the Zara skirt on my cruise with me, as I realise I have the perfect cream lace dress with chiffon pleats to go with it. I have remodelled a couple of hats and recovered a pillbox hat to go to.the Melbourne Cup, so yes, I can relate!
Carena, I love that hat you made from the skirt. In fact it gave me a few ideas, about fabric. I live where there is very little fabric choice available, however I have learnt that the op shoos have an abundance. I have picked up some beautiful quality fabrics, I come home and unpick the item and add it to my stash. I found a gorgeous abstract black and white print, that has a pattern woven into it. But my greatest find yet is a wonderful red leather jacket, I got so much leather out of it. So thank you for giving me inspiration .
That's great! I also have a stash of lace tops from the op shop ready for recycling into hats! I have four kids at home and hat supplies can add up, so op shopping is the obvious choice for me! I found six large hat boxes in a Toowoomba op shop for $5 each in perfect condition too!

Personally I refrain from falling in love with my work!  I stick to just having a unique and well executed piece and just pray its rightful owner comes along!  With regards the results, if not overly impressed, I make other variations of the original and name the collection as a series!

I have 4 pieces not talking to me at the moment in various stages of creation. They started out as a good idea or shape, but finishing them is proving difficult.

Not to worry! You only temporarily lost your creative verve.... Do not obsess!  Leave them in a secure place work on other things and when you are reinvigorated you will feel creative about them as they will hold a clear convos with you!!! All the bestd

What Jain, only 4?  I have at least a dozen!  Don't worry, with your creative ability, something will pop and all will be well with the world (of hats).

Thanks Edith and Sharon: I dont have enough room for the dozen Sharon, so 4 is plenty. And having finally got my flower irons, guess what.. I too have random fabric drying awaiting tooling into an acceptable flower or several ! 


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