How do you block velvet.



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Hi Angie,blocking velvet is a one of millinery's most skilful jobs because it has to be steamed and pinned in place on the block,but afterwards when the velvet is dry it needs to be stuck to the foundation with special glue. The foundation has to be considered and also the method of joining the sections together,so you see it is not a straight forward easy task but highly skill. Some would say along with draping,making a velvet hat is the pinnacle of the art of millinery. May be Elaine will create a series of lesson on this subject. I hope that I have n't discouraged you too much as it is a skill that can be learnt with help and guidance. The only reference I can give you that illustrates working with velvet is in The Hat Magazine no.40 hope this is of use to you,
Kind Regards Evelyne

Hi Evelyne,

Thank you for your reply! Although it seems like a huge challenge, I am not yet discouraged.  I am excited to say that I have The Hat Magazine issues #39, and #40.  I have a customer request for a custom made red velvet cloche, and I feel inspired by the request.  You are absolutely correct that it is not a straight forward task.  My hope is that there will be a series on blocking velvet hats. Velvet is so lovely. 

Kind Regards,

Angie & Angie's Hats

Hi Angie

So glad to hear that you have got those back numbers of The Hat Magazine, it is a great resource, would love to see how you fair, may be you could post a photo of the finished hat.

Best of Luck

Hi Evelyne,

I will post a picture of the hat when it is completed.  Thank you for your help.  The Hat Magazine is a wonderful resource, and I would not have known which issues to look for the velvet technique without your help.

Thank you so much,



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