Elsie Collins

I've seen this video before, and commneted then, that why design a new kind of sewing machine, and not show it it  action!!!  I WANT to see Sue sew!!  Can it handle silk chiffon?  So far, I'm not the least bit tempted to buy it!!  Maybe a great little travel machine, but I wouldn't part with any of my Bernina's for all the interest on the national debt with China!!!

edith f

This is still obviously a concept --when and where will we be able to buy this....although to be honest I favour Brother and Singer for sewing machines.....but this has some possibilities and I have to second Elsie C in the fact that if you are going to do a video about this machine you NEED TO SHOW IT FULLY FUNCTIONAL.....and being a design buff myself - I CAN TELL THE CONCEPT IS NOT YET FULLY WORKING MODEL!!!  let me know when you have stockists/ gone into production

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