Silk Abaca is one of the newest millinery components to excite creative milliners. The colours and sheen of silk abaca will add new dynamics to your headwear. Join talented award winning milliner and tutor Amanda Macor in the first of our Master Class Deluxe lessons as you learn to understand the nature of this lustrous material.

Learn to tame it as she shares her tips to align the silk abaca then cut, machine and manipulate it into Signature trims and wire framed headpieces. Amanda carefully demonstrates each stage to ensure you can achieve exciting trims and headpieces. In these lessons you learn the techniques ready to take it to the next level with your own astonishing headwear and add new life to your millinery.
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Jennie McKern

Hi Amanda,

I have just finished watching the first two of these videos and wanted to say thank you for presenting these ( I know they will have taken a lot of time and preparation).

Your passion for this medium is inspirational. Your explanations are clear,and your creativity and colour choices are amazing. It is clear to see the textures and colours reflecting the area in which you live.

You have inspired me to step outside my comfort zone and explore use of this medium in ways I had not previously even contemplated..thank you so much again...super excited (especially from some-one who really doesn't like to use their sewing machine any more :) ) Can't wait to start practising...

Thank you so much again


(ps.we met very briefly in Melbourne the weekend before last)

Amanda Macor
hi Jennie, yes I remember meeting you with blue toes :) I love that you see passion for this medium in a different way, I am still finding creative ways make a statement with it. Have fun and remember to put up some pics for us all to appreciate Amanda

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