Silk Abaca is one of the newest millinery components to excite creative milliners. The colours and sheen of silk abaca will add new dynamics to your headwear. Join talented award winning milliner and tutor Amanda Macor in the first of our Master Class Deluxe lessons as you learn to understand the nature of this lustrous material.

Learn to tame it as she shares her tips to align the silk abaca then cut, machine and manipulate it into Signature trims and wire framed headpieces. Amanda carefully demonstrates each stage to ensure you can achieve exciting trims and headpieces. In these lessons you learn the techniques ready to take it to the next level with your own astonishing headwear and add new life to your millinery.
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I can't wait to get started on these!
Melinda Boshammer
Sooooo excited!!
I just watched all three lessons on silk Abaca, which took a few hours. I think the lessons are great value for money and my favourite hands down is the braiding. I am going to have a go tomorrow and Friday to see how I get on. So very exciting and challenging!
Amy Zischke

THANK YOU Hat Academy.  I've been wanting to do Amanda's class in person for some time - but the dates have always clashed.  Hallelujah - now I can do it from home!!!  I'm so happy!!  

Di Clark
Wow Thank You so much have been wanting to work with this fabric very exciting:-)
Amanda Macor
Enjoy these techniques and remember to keep experimenting once you have mastered them, look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with, have fun Amanda
House of Adorn

Greetings from House of Adorn!

Sending our Congratulations to Hat Academy on releasing their first Master Class Deluxe and to the lovely Amanda Macor for presenting in this series. 

Thank you Amanda for sharing your techniques and experience with Silk Abaca, and we also look forward to seeing everyones clever creations! 

We are pleased to announce that we have launched a new Product Kit especially for this course so you can get started immediately. :-)

More info on Product Kits can be found HERE
More info on Materials required can be found HERE.

Enjoy being creative!

I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed these three lessons Amanda! I have found the silk Abaca to be easy to work with, looks nice no matter which way I finish the edges, and the bonus is that the silk is form and will sit up nicely to add height to my head pieces. This is definitely my favourite material. I can see how nicely it will compliment my hand tooled silk flowers for some fabulous pieces and colour combinations!
firm lol.
Amanda Macor
I am thrilled that you love the silk as much I have enjoyed showing you. Look forward to seeing where it takes you and thanks for lovely comments.

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