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A massive thank you to all members who have shared photographs of their millinery as we celebrate over 20,000 photographs on the Hat Academy community! With inspiring headwear photos in all styles and genre, we asked 10 of our regular contributors to discuss their favourite.

Cessiah Alice
This photograph of beautiful local Hobart model Venetia is a stand-out for me. It was taken at one of my favourite photoshoot locations (Wilkinson's Point) where there are huge polished concrete walls right near the water. The light is always brilliant there and there is pink glass which creates the reflection on the wall behind her. I love the composition of this shot and the angle as well as Venetia's expression. The headpiece was created for my AW20 Collection and features handmade leather flowers on a leather-wrapped halo. I used skills which I have gained from Hat Academy courses to create this piece.

Inna Walker
I love this pic because it was selected as cover of “Your Surrey Wedding” magazine November 2019 Issue. White is such a beautiful color, and the felt I used was manufactured in Greece and it’s such high quality material. I love everything about this hat. It was made as a bridal headpiece originally.

Amanda G. Joyner
This is one of my favourites because I was in a place where I knew I wanted to have more growth as a milliner but didn't want to lose myself in the knowledge. The hats I try to put a twist in that help represent my chaotic artistic nature while still being sophisticated. So I played with layer colors to make the hat appear like it was changing colors as it moved. A representation of how we can keep true to ourselves while constantly changing.

Sophie Allport
I absolutely love this hat as I feel like it is a reflection of my favourite millinery style, wire work. I love that you can take humble wire and sculpt it to create any number of shapes without the use of a hat block. I also adore leather and making leather roses is almost meditative for me! There's something magical about the way a piece of flat smooth leather can transform into a delicate blooming blossom. Add in a touch of ostrich quills for a bit of drama an height and I'm in love.

Karen Geraghty
My favourite is Mahina. This hat really took on a life of its own. I'd played around with dozens of ideas for this hat, but was never happy with any, and then one night absolutely everything started coming together. By the time I finished, (very late at night) I couldn't stop smiling.

Carrie Jenkinson
This last year has been so hard for milliners, generally we are a happy bunch because we’re constantly creating new things so it’s been heartbreaking to not be able to do that. Like many I was really moved by Channel 4’s it’s a Sin which was hard to watch but beautifully done and inspirational, so this La headpiece is my homage to all people affected by AIDS and 40% off all proceeds will go directly to the Terrence Higgins Trust.

Melissa Eliott
I chose this piece as I feel it is a very unique piece, have not seen anyone do anything similar. I crafted it soon after completing a weekend course on Crystoform with Ian Bennett a couple of years ago. Using the basic techniques he bestowed on us I challenged myself and developed some techniques of my own. I loved it so much I purchased it back from the customer after she wore it. Some of my other customers where a bit baffled by that, but the average person generally doesn’t see or appreciates the skill involved.

Amy Fowler
My favorite photo would be of Unbroken Chain taken by The Portrait Kitchen. It was my first photo shoot and even though it was done over Zoom it was very exciting. This is also one of the first pieces I made with my dyed crinoline, so it was the inspiration for many more pieces for me.

Kristin Silverman
The red, white and black fedora was a custom order for my favorite customer, who gives me a lot of free-rein creatively. She wanted a red fedora with black and white trim, and the result is so “me” that I wish I could have kept it for myself! Pleated ribbonwork is one of my signature styles, and I love the red and black with just a dash of white.

Velma Owusu-Bbempah
I chose this photo because of the time that went into making it, which involved a lot of mistakes and correcting those mistakes to produce this beautiful hat. This hat in particular, depicts anAafrican woman in the days of the Gold Coast and it turned out to be the enhanced version of a piece my Grandmother used to wear many years ago.

Thanks again to all our creative members, helping grow the art of millinery!
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