Worried you live in an outlying village or town away from sufficient customers to set up a millinery business? Imagine living in outback Queensland, Australia and 1500 kms from the capital city of Brisbane. Such was the challenge for Sherilee Honnery of Hughenden. She made a decision to risk all and buy the local boutique and add her hats to the range available. With only 1500 residents in the isolated town it was a risk. Sherilee has added to her skills through Hat Academy online millinery lessons and built a business with customers beyond her borders. This eye catching cocktail in leather and sculptured pari-sisal allows us to see her colourful world of droughts and flooding rains in the outback. We applaud you Sherilee and watching out for more FOTF winners!!  
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Maree Ann DeGraw

Hi Sherilee,

 I can relate to country towns.. I owned a florist and millinery shop in Emerald in the 70's before the mines hit town. It was a quite a task to be noticed back then as most locals made do with what they had. Different now I'm sure with progress and different generations. I started back into hat making 6 mths ago with Elaine hat academy and has stirred my interest in being a little more technical in designs than the conservative styles I did way back then.  Wishing you a well earned Congratulations.!

Love your style and 

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