This week's interview is with milliner, Chrissie King who's been making beautiful headwear for 12 years, 10 of which have been in her Hebden Bridge shop in West Yorkshire. Chrissie had just recently celebrated her 10th year in the shop when an unfortunate change in the weather resulted in it being flooded. Whilst Chrissie admits it has been very difficult, we are sure that this is just a small stepping stone onto bigger and better things for her. Read on to find a little more out about Chrissie and her wonderful world of millinery. 
What do you love most about Millinery?   
I love the ability to create so many shapes with so many materials, break all the rules and make something unusual.
How did you get into making hats and headpieces? 
I started a three year course with no intention of opening a hat shop. I had made a friend a hat for her 40th birthday and she wore it to a ladies day event where she won 'hat of the day', the rest just sort of happened.
How you would describe your designs? 
Simple sculptural with minimal trims.
What is your ideal customer? 
An individual woman who creates her own style never follows the pack.
We saw that your workroom was recently flooded! How is your millinery business dealing with the recovery phase of this experience? 
It's very difficult at the moment. My workroom has been stored in my living room and the shop is waiting for the builders to arrive and start work.
If you could invite any milliner to tea who would it be? 
Jasmine Zorlu we often chat on twitter it would be lovely to meet her and I love her work.
What has been your greatest millinery achievement so far? 
I have just celebrated 10 years at the shop [then promptly flooded]

Whats your best millinery tip? 
Best tip  -  Learn to work with as many materials as possible and always experiment with them. 1. What do you love most about Millinery?   I love the ability to create so many shapes with so many materials, break all the rules and make something unusual.

If you had to make your last hat what would it be? 
Keep things simple, shape is the key for me. It would be something I'd never made before.
Famous words to live by...
Keep the workroom tidy !

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Maree Ann DeGraw

love that ' keep the workroom tidy.' as hard as it maybe = it is a great discipline. Thank you Chrissie. 

When i did my training many many years ago... we had 15 mins before knock off time to clean our patch... table... tools and put away unused items.

Bonnie Blanchard

You are so right about keeping orderly! I've got three cats who love to play in my sinamay scrap box. SO I had to find a new hiding place! They also love scraps of old silk for my flowers they can wrap in, etc.  Before I got on to them, I'd come up to my studio with all sorts of material mixed up and scattered about the place!!! No words can express the frustration!!!! THey had a party without ME! HA. Thanks for your beautiful work! Inspiration!

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