What does it take to prepare for a millinery collection photoshoot? Discover how Cessiah Alice Millinery brought it all to fruition.
Photos by Cessiah Alice Millinery. Behind the scenes photos by Rebecca Mira Photography.

Make-up time with the very talented local Sophie McDermott MUA. She did a wonderful job with the beautiful Alethea's make-up. I was lucky to have her on board!

The IXL Atrium - Usually I shoot outdoors as I love shooting in natural light, but living in Hobart the weather can be very unpredictable and it was forecast to be 11 degrees and raining. So I had to find an indoor location stat! I put a post up on social media for suggestions and someone recommended the IXL Atrium. I had never been there before, but on a whim I emailed Jam Packed cafe and asked if it would be ok if we had a photoshoot there, to which they said we could! I was so rapt when we arrived - fantastic lighting and beautiful old brick walls. And best of all it was warm as it was all covered... oh and the coffee and food at the cafe was delicious!

I was lucky to have the wonderful Rebecca along to assist me and take some behind the scenes shots. Becca has photographed quite a few of my pieces now - she is very talented. 

I was also very lucky to have the beautiful Alethea Stone model for me for the second time. She is such a natural and makes my pieces look so beautiful! I feel so lucky to be part of a network of such talented women!

I sourced the outfits for my shoot online well before my photoshoot. I have fun matching the hats to the dresses! The night before the shoot I sorted all the hats into tubs corresponding with each outfit. Makes it easier on the day if you know what goes with what.

'Louisa' pink straw pillbox hat with oversized red silk abaca bow. I love that this style is making a comeback and also love the combination of pink and red! I had this hat block custom made especially for my SS19 Collection.

Behind the scenes photo by Rebecca Mira Photography. I love taking photos of my hats - I have loved photography since I was very young (I wanted to be a photographer long before I wanted to be a milliner!) and it's great to be able to put my skills to good use!

 'Annette' boater hat in stunning spiral woven straw in shades of blue. I love the weave of this straw so much! Alethea loved modelling this one - she said she felt very sassy! 

So many great spots for photos at this location! The outfits I chose featured block colours so they would work well with quite a few headpieces. I loved the pleats in the lilac one.

'Penelope' straw teardrop base with oversized silk dupion bow. I am loving the large bow trend! I am hoping everyone else is too!

This was my favourite spot for photos at this location. It was almost like a frame!

'Maisy' blocked black straw heart base with floating yellow fabric flowers. I design my pieces as I go - the idea to have the flowers floating came to me and I just made it up as I went! I love this aspect of millinery - you never know what's going to happen or how a piece will turn out.

Behind the scenes selfie of the "dream team"! Rebecca Mira Photography (left), model Alethea Stone (middle) and myself, Cessiah Alice Millinery (right). We had such a fun day! 

Have to be sure to snap some photos on my phone too for instagram "sneak peeks". All in all a great day and I am really happy with how my SS19 Collection and my photos of it turned out!

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