Knowing and creatively expressing who are ”My Tribe” was the millinery challenge for the Student Design Competition organised by the Millinery Association of Australia. Runner up winner, Angie Jackman created a mandala, a circular design expressing the significance of her tribe. Angie shares how she created this symbolic headpiece. 

Again we see an expression of your love for geometrical precision which is so significant in the mandala design. What is the story you have expressed through your headpiece? 
The theme “My Tribe” to me represented my close network of friends more so than my family. The three hues represent myself and my two closest friends, the core of my tribe. Each quite different but complementary. Supporting each other forming a strong framework. Intertwined, yet separate, layered, and complex. Taking effort to construct, but worth the investment. The geometric shapes and patterns in this design are a good representation of the things I like, such as structure, balance and complexity in design.

Which colour are you?
I’m the orange, as I am the Firecracker!

With the revival in wirework you have combined this technique with the use of wooden doweling. Was there ever a stage in the construction you felt the structure would collapse?
I made this design twice. To maintain the strength of the design whilst not adding any weight was a challenge. The first attempt started to warp under tension. However it was probably the throwing it across the room when I noticed the fault that did the irreversible damage! …Bit of a temper!

How many hours did it take to create?
I have stopped counting the hours it takes to make my hats. I have a clear idea in my mind of what I want things to look like. If the hat is evolving to not look like that, I always start again. I was time poor as always, and I couldn’t even remember if I had taken the time to remove all the pins prior to packing it on this occasion.

You have several design patterns within the weaving. What is the significance of each ?
When you read the history of the woven Mandala the shapes within it and how they relate to each other are representations of different areas of life. I included many shapes, and then layered these so that there was more depth and complexity.

Was there one significant thing you learnt through this exercise ?
I am time poor and bad tempered, but I already knew this. One day I will have the time to make the hats that I can look at and think PERFECT, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Do you have a tip for other students to encourage them to enter competitions?
Just do it, no matter what your experience level. Skills can be learnt, imagination we are born with.

Words to live by…
I have always liked……"They call us dreamers, but we are the ones who don’t sleep."

For her creativity Angie was awarded Runner Up with a Hat Academy Studio subscription.

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Mary Ahearne

Congratulations Angie you are a star 

Maree Starkey

Congratulations Angie, love your work  X

Georgia Skelton

Congratulations Angie. Well deserved. I look forward to seeing what you do next.


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