Congratulations to Cynthia Jones-Bryson who received the Top Award in the coveted Melbourne Oaks Day Millinery Award 2019, with this strikingly beautiful hat. As a second time winner of this Millinery Award, Cynthia is an affirmed master of feather finesse with her millinery styling.

All your hats have an imaginative title, what have you labelled this masterpiece? 
I have labelled this hat ‘Simply Irresistible ‘ after the Robert Palmer Song/video clip. I loved the colours and sleekness of the models in this clip all in red, pink and a touch of purple.

Were there any challenges when creating this hat?
Yes the challenge was to try to get a beautiful fluid feminine line as it all needed to flow into one. It took a lot of experimentation and patience.

Approximately how many feathers were used?
Approximately 1000 feathers were used. Not sure I tame them, I think they tame me. It’s a bit like therapy for me as I love working with feathers.

How many hours of work were required to complete this hat?
I experimented with the shape a lot. I made up a prototype in black and white and once I thought I had what I was after then I decided it needed to be in colour, so red and hot pink it was. All up I guess it took about 60 hours.

What was used to stabilise this asymmetrical design ?
It’s basically a wire structure I created to support the shape.

What did you enjoy the most about creating this piece?
I just wanted it to flow in a very organic way and once I had the shape it was so much fun seeing the coloured version come together.

What is the most enjoyable aspect about entering millinery competitions?
I love being in there with all the amazing Milliners in this country. I am so honoured to be part of the Millinery Association of Australia. The Competition is so much fun and really tests my creativity to come up with something unique.

What is your best tip for milliners that wish to enter millinery competitions?
Not sure I’m qualified to say but I guess be you, be your unique style, go to the next level on your strengths!

What does winning this award mean for Cynthia Jones-Bryson Millinery?
It’s certainly great for my reputation being a very sought after award, but a lot more hard work down the track to live up to the honour.

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Absolutely lovely. Good show!

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