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Wishing all Hat Academy Members a Wonderful Christmas. Thank you for being a part of the Hat Academy family and for your contribution to make this possible. Have the Best Hatty Year in 2013 as we look forward to greater creative ventures. Academy…


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Felting hand knitted or crocheted hats & berets has become very popular. Arline from Connecticut, US has shared this natural coloured wool hat which she has hand felted and trimmed with a unique giraffe print flower. The result is a cloche with an appeal to  go on safari and enjoy all that exists in Nature.



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Can you recall the headwear in the Nicole Kidman film "Moulin Rouge". These pieces were the work of award winning Milliner Christine Thompson, who lives in the picturesque Blue Mountains west of Sydney, Australia. With 18 years experience in Costume Headwear for Opera, Theatre and Musicals no wonder her fashion Hats and headpieces display a perfect finish using fabric as a covering for the foundations shapes.  To work in…


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Special Offers going on Online now......Discounts. Free Gifts. Christmas Season.

Buy from us this Christmas season and get 10% off your order and if your order is over £50 get a free gift as well.

Start shopping …


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Chic Bibi Label from Montreal , Canada welcomes you to their website - "Each face has its glitter; let us help you discover your own…" How flattering is this yellow hatinator and to create it that way note what has been added to create a one-off look - the pleats + tucks + space. Brilliant in colour & design.

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Using fabric to cover your clients hat crown will co-ordinate the hat with the outfit. Nothing else makes the statement so clearly -"I have been to a milliner". Learn how to make a template from your block to make the pattern for the foundation and fabric covering. The use of fabric due to huge variety available will give you a marketing edge.
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Cloche Encounters

Rita McVinnie has added more styles to her Hat Academy profile which includes her new look website. She has a  range of styles, heavily influenced by 1920's fashion and the flapper era. If you find yourself taken by the wardrobe and costumes of Downton Abbey then these hats are sure to appeal to your taste.

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Featured Product: Silk Abaca

What has shine, pliability and strength? Answer – the latest millinery sensation, Silk Abaca. It is a favourite for milliners creating headwear with a sculptural difference. Available now from The Feather Shop in an array of designer colours. Shipping world wide.
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Marketplace: Miss Audrey

Miss Audrey ~ hand blocked base covered in ivory taffeta, then finished with black netting, this is then topped off with the largest orchid spray in ivory tones, she is so beautiful.
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Perhaps worn by a family member, a celebrity a Royal or your own personal headwear, what was you favourite hat you remember when growing up?
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Recycled Retrospect

The ethos of the 1940's era was "Make do & mend" such a contrast to todays disposable society. Lisa McConnon from Hertfordshire, UK is a Millinery Designer who loves to recycle. Her creations reveal her foundation training in art & design, fashion & costume.

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MARKETPLACE - 'Sequin' handbeaded felt cocktail hat

'Sequin' a fabulous showstopping cocktail hat completely covered with hand-sewn sequins and beads and topped with a feather flower. It is lightweight and easy to wear. Would be amazing for any event you have coming up.
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Marketplace - Bright Yellow Percher Hat

Bright Yellow Percher Hat w/Black White Herringbone Roses and Faux Hat Pins. Blocked on a vintage hat block from wool felt. Trimmed with fabric herringbone stiffened to form roses. The Faux hat pins are made from wire and black and white beads.Reminscent of the little hats of the 1940's. Lined--stays put with an elastic headband.

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Dublin Milliner Sarah Stephens has had a career in fashion and is now adding millinery to her skills as her love of hats surpassed every other area in fashion. This headpiece is ready for a bride who loves to wear pearls as a girls best friend. The combination of differing sizes and shades in the pearls adds to the  attraction of this piece. Her label, "The Hat Society" exhibits her ambition to expand…


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Flat Tip Pillbox Crown Hat Block

Wooden Pillbox Hat Block 9cm high. Made from durable light weight, easy pin straight grained Milkwood. Includes free collar, made to order, sizes 53cm - 60cm. Post to Austaila only.
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Hats for larger heads

Kathleen asks: "I received a comment on my blog from a reader asking where she can find hats made for a larger head size. Does anyone have any suggestions?"
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This fascinator is not made from felt or straw …that is the difference that interests Sinead Kellys clients. The shine reveals the use of a plastic component but it creates a classy look. Sinead  has loved wearing Fascinators & headpieces for years but now she is selling them successfully through her Etsy store she is obsessed with her new found craft. It is amazing how sales…


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At the age of 13 the Vocational Guidance Officer at School suggested I become a nurse – I squirmed. He then suggested teaching Home Economics. This training in the 60's gave me the opportunity to learn and teach Millinery. So started my love to make & wear hats.

How did you become involved in millinery? » Discuss here

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Determined Milliner

Sherilee lives in Hughenden, a lovely small town of 1,000+ residents in central Queenslands sheep and cattle country, but this determined milliner is setting a pace to add to her skills through lessons in Hat Academy. She has always loved hats and the social side of horse racing so learning to create her own designs was a natural progression and now she is making them for others. Being 1,400 kms from…


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Revitalise your trims with creative leaves. In this lesson you learn how to make leaves in 14 different ways. Leaves can be added to a trim with flowers or without. Learn how to wire leaves you make from sinamay, pari, silk organza or printed fabric to create a 3D effect. Grosgrain leaves co-ordinate well with Grosgrain edged style as do felt leaves on a felt hat. Leaves can be the trim feature or…


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