Hello everybody!

I've been struggling for awhile now with sizing for wool felt hats. I've used an aerosol, which was okay, but eventually the hats lose their shape. I've also used a gelatin solution, which I really like, but it will often leave shiny, uneven splotches everywhere.
Would love any advice I could get on technique or products or whatever.


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Lots of people work with a variety of stiffeners. I use "Aileen's Fabric Stiffener" It is available at JoAnn's fabric in the US. I don't  know if it's available anywhere else but I do know that JoAnn's has a web site. There are no fumes that I can tell.  This is what I stiffened my felt hat with and it came out pretty well. I use about 3 parts water to 2 parts stiffener in a spray bottle. You then brush it around to cover all of the felt. I have used this to make chiffon board stiff and it really works well. It will leave spots on pale thin fabric but it doesn't seem to have a problem with felt.

Thank you so much! This is a huge help. And,I really appreciate the photo.
Lovely hat, btw.

You may want to reverse that recipe. Three parts stiffener and two parts water. I made a batch of stiffener using the above recipe and even after stiffening it twice the hat wasn't stiff enough to wire and trim.


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