Being trained in the 60's most of our hats were made from parisisals, swiss straw, felts or fabric covered esparterie. My favourite was using fabric over an esparterie base to co-ordinate with my latest linen or wool boucle suit. Today we have such a variety of sinamay straws as well as silk abaca & jinsin plus perspex and leather all of which have paved the way for a new styling.

Which is your favourite millinery material to work with & why do you love it?

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I love felts and I also enjoy using buckram as there are so many options available with fabric coverings - and these can also be brought into a clutch, brooch etc. etc. Some other materials I want to learn how to use are LEATHER, GUIPURE LACE and SILK ABACA - on my 'to do' list!

I love buckram. I used it for the first time to make a pillbox hat yesterday. Fabulous! I will be ordering more. It's very strong and very easy to shape too!

My favorite foundation material is Buckram, it has no boundaries and you can use other things beside a hat block to make a form.  Your sewing skills will come in handy when using buckram.  It comes in both black and white.  You also can make millinery decorations using it, those who make their own shoes can use buckram for the "Counters." Your imagination with using buckram is limitless.

I have a love of fabric, so I really like covered hats with a buckram base. 

But, when winter comes, I find myself itching to get back to the softness and flexibility of felt.  It just feels so lovely in your hands and moulds so beautifully ... and .. ahhh. 

I also love covering buckram with fabric, particularly silk dupion. I have an unhealthy obsession with vintage veiling - I just cant stop myself from purchasing it when I come across a good stash...

Love leather!

Most of the hats I make are Sinamay, and I do love it. But I also love covering buckram, you can use so many different fabrics from silk to Denim and it is wearable year round.

I recently had a friends give me an outgrown beaded dress with coat, it is lovely, so far I have only used sleeves to make a hat but it is so stunning, SO glad I can use Buckram!

Hi Dianne, love the idea of recycling a beautiful dress. Admittedly, I have a hard time cutting into it!! Love to see a post of the beaded hat.

Mine is GutterGuard from Bunnings hehe. Not just for your roof!


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