Being trained in the 60's most of our hats were made from parisisals, swiss straw, felts or fabric covered esparterie. My favourite was using fabric over an esparterie base to co-ordinate with my latest linen or wool boucle suit. Today we have such a variety of sinamay straws as well as silk abaca & jinsin plus perspex and leather all of which have paved the way for a new styling.

Which is your favourite millinery material to work with & why do you love it?

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It was sinamay, but I've been sweet talked by Mr Felt ;-)

I love working with different materials for different reasons, and would get bored only working with one.  My favorite material for winter right now would be fur felt.  Once my mind starts thinking of summer, I am ready to work with straws for a change of pace.  Buckram is great for its versatility for fabric draping.  I tend to throw buckram into the mix anytime I start to get bored with something else.

I have just tried my hand at handmade felt and made a couple of berets and a half finished button fascinator. I love making the  felt and berets, but havent perfected this at all. 

Sinamay is my normal material, but am trying buckram again at the moment covered with velvet.

I have yet to try some of the other wonderful materials that are on offer. I love the internet as it gives you such wonderful places to buy materials now !

Hi! On the subject of blocking fabrics, I have something I bought in Paris at UltraMod but don't know the name of. It functions like millinery buckram but is super heavy weight with the texture/color of burlap. Basically its burlap with stiffener. Do you know what this is called and what it is used for? I blocked a cocktail hat just fine with it!~ ^^

I don't know what you have, but I have been playing with stiffening burlap.  I have been working on a fedora type straw.  What I have found so far is that using regular burlap is taking a lot of stiffening to keep a firm shape. I am also using a double layer of burlap for the crown.

Hi Sarah

Would you have a pic of this product Always looking for blocking fabrics for students.Thanks, Elaine

Aha! Yes, I was using my smartphone which did not have the post photo option. Here you go!

It's very thick... just like burlap.

Thanks Kate - looks like Somic I have been using for years. Not easy to source. We have it in store. I always say "if cat sits on hat with somic it will bounce back" - Thanks for sharing 

Great to know what it is!

I'd love to order more but currently you ship only to Australia. Any possibility I could get it shipped to South Korea? I'm desperate for supplies!

For example, if anyone want to do a supply trade: Silk and hardware is priced reasonably in Korea whilst I can't get foundation materials. 

Sure! How can I post a photo here?

To post a photo, click the Add Photo icon next to the "link" icon in a reply

What you have might be military buckram (military canvas).  It's made from jute and is incredibly strong.  You can make blocks from It!


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