What to wear to the Melbourne Cup 2014???

Hi fellow milliners. I have booked a cruise to the Cup and need advice on what to wear for the six nights on board, plus what to wear at the Cup. I thought of sewing a dress similar to this one Catherine Jenkins wore at Ascot, as I love the colour and it's a very simple design. I would make a simple pillbox, perhaps with some complimentary peacock swords to match this lovely.colour blue. If you were going to the Cup what would you wear????

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Ok so we're nearing the end of August. My Cup hat is made, jewellery and bag purchased, skirt made and jacket nearing completion. I bought shoes online even. I'm hoping to hook up with a Cairns milliner, plus a fab milliner from Melbourne, who can hopefully show me the ropes. The cruise is booked and my friend from Toowoomba and I have tagged two more days in Sydney at the end once we dock. My question is, what type of hats would you wear on the boat to get the most attention and hopefully hand out your business cards? I figure my friend could wear one each night and so could I, so that's 12 headpieces altogether. Advice please???
Hi Carena, The first thought that comes to minds is cocktail hats. Have a look at images from the 50s, no matter the occasion, no matter how glamorous and formal, there always managed to be a head piece of sorts to go with the outfit. Plus they are usually smaller pieces, thus should take less luggage room.
I'm going with a friend, and we have 14 head pieces between us! I decided on a teal blue silk suit, which I'm making, plus a matching pillbox with feathers. As the hat has rather a lot of feathers, it's definitely a statement hat! We are still deciding my friendS outfit. She looks just like Ruth Cracknell from the old TV series Mother and Son. With her grey bob, I'm thinking fuschia might be the colour for her. So exciting! Less than 70 days to go, we can hardly wait!
The two of you in those colours together will look tres chic. Great statement colours. That fuschia colour, will look fabulous with 'antiqued silver' coloured hair. Sounds like great fun!
I've never been.on a cruise before, just the Cook Strait ferry a couple of times from Picton to Wellington in NZ. One crossing took six hours instead of the usual two though, with huge waves, and I was the only member of my family who didn't get sea sick! I was 9 years old and I can remember holding on to the rails peering up looking for the sky and seeing only waves. I grew up sailing, so this will be very memorable. Plus going to Flemington and being at the Cup will be fantastic experience, then I can relate to clients and how they handle a whole day at the track.

Ew, Memorable in the wrong way. Somehow I reckon this next cruise might be a tad more on the glamourous side., phew, haha.

68 sleeps now?

Looking forward to the photos.

Yes, love glamour! The diet is going well, with silk jacket half made and skirt made less waistband so I can take it in! Here's hoping! I just hope I get to hand out lots of business cards!

Don't forget the Fashion on the Field Comp on board the boat the day before you arr in Melbourne. Lots of fun. I think you must book into the competition the day before the comp - check rules when you get on board. Dress swish for upper restaurant but can only book in there 24hrs ahead of each meal - no extra cost unless you go to LukeM restaurant + plenty of biz cards for table conversation.

You girls will rock the boat!!

Thanks Elaine, yes it's going to be lots of fun! I will be sure to take LOTS of photos, can't wait!
Only seven weeks to go.until Melbourne Cup day, woo hoo! Is anyone else going???

I'm going on the P&O Cruise am making my headpieces as we speak. House is littered with threads and bits of leather. Soo excited about the cruise. Zita

Awesome, see you on board!


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