Originally my studio was a portion of the family room with clutter for all to see and constant interruptions. When my first child moved out of home I took over the bed room as my studio. To create storage I purchased a renovators old kitchen. The bench works well for my workspace and plenty of cupboards for storage.

What's your millinery studio look like? How do you manage your work and storage space?

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I always say to family who comment on mess in my studio " No mess = No Progress!!"

I say a messy work space is the sign of a creative genius at work. LOL

If your studio is messy let it be....Einstein was "moderately messy" This leads to greater creativity. Someone has written a book "The Perfect Mess" detailing the benefits.

No guilt about my mess now!!

I think the very process of creating is bound to be messy. When making a hat, things are "flying" left, right and centre, materials and trims are pulled out, put aside, tried and swapped for something else.....but out of this mess we "create order" in the form of the finished hat. Dealing with the aftermath is less fun, but neccessary to inspire the next creative burst and it starts all over again :)

That is exactly what happens in my studio.  Just when I get everything cleaned up and orderly, I start working again.  It is amazing the mess and the amount of supplies I can get out in a short space of a couple hours.  I am constantly thinking there might be something just a little more perfect hiding in a drawer or jar, but then I find that perfect element in a tub or box. Surprisingly, disorder in any other room drives me mad.

Our family joke is that during my busy season it looks as though birds have been molting in my studio.

I am lucky to have a separate building on our property that has been converted into my studio. Originally purpose built as a guest house for our overseas visitors I have slowly but steadily taken over most of the space. ( There is still a small separate room for our guests). My work space and a show room are only slightly separated which works well for try on's and consultations. All in al I have about 35 m2 plus a dying space in the garage and my husbands "hat block making workshop".

Feeling very lucky and fortunate considering I had started making hats on our pool table in the guest house. Since being a full time milliner having a designated work and show room is fabulous and popular with customers - who often seem surprised to find a "proper milliner's studio" :)


Mine is my summer house in the garden. Cosy soft chairs to read and chill out on, have now been replace with cupboards full of sinamay, feathers and fabrics. I am very lucky that my husband is in the soft furnishing trade and makes and fits beautiful stunning curtains. He gets me lots and lots of 'leftover' fabrics, some which are £100 + a metre, which I can really go to town on. I really do need to now add more fabric storage space to my 'studio';-)

This sounds lovely!


Those fabrics sound fabulous. You will pick up in my lessons how much I love adding fabric to all headwear to give unique individuality. Must tidy my fabric cupboard & take pic to show you how I sort by color .


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