What's the most fun thing to do in your millinery?

We all know that millinery is possibly the greatest profession in the world... Thats why we are all here right? Once you start, you can't put it down, it feeds your creativity and gets under your skin! From sketching ideas to sewing the final stitches or attaching your very own label! 

What is your absolute favourite part of the millinery creative process?

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I love to just jump in and experiment. I have an idea and then I love to just get stuck into it and see if I can create something that resembles the picture in my head. It's so satisfying when you see your ideas take shape.

My favorite part is gathering all the right materials.  It is like shopping without spending money!  I love going through the boxes of feathers, crin, accents, flowers, fabrics, and hoods.  The problem is sometimes I get too many ideas and have a mess to put away when the final decision is made. LOL

My favorite part of the millinery process is seeing all the wonderful creations you milliners come up with ... plus the happy smiles on the faces of the the ladies modeling their hats.  

Right now I am gathering an arsenal of flowers, ribbons, feathers ..to cochet into a Tam style  vintage hat I purchased....my first attempt at hat making.

In response to Sharon Panozzo's reply in June I add.....I so agree with this part.  Just a chance to indulge colour, textures.....see it all and FEEL it all before letting the beginnings of the creation happen. 

There are a lot of things I love about the creative process ... but I also like that I can binge on Netflix while I'm doing the hours of hand-sewing. ;)

Embellishing! Especially making flowers and working with ribbon. 

We love the embellishing process as it brings out the artist within us all :))

After the base hat is made, I sat it on my counter and let it tell me what it wants. Every time I walk by it says add this to me, or do this or that to me, When everything is done - it says - all is done, and I stop. This is a big part of my creative process.

I am so glad that I am not the only one who has hats talking to me. :)


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