This block has come into my possession.  Was wondering if anyone can shed some light on its use?

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Well dont know the name but you can use it as a pillbox style block, and if it surrounds the whole head then I suggest you also use it as an interesting crown block.  Millinery is not just about the traditional it is also about allowing your imagination to run free and create what you see in your head.  Play with it ... dont hesitate....but safest to start off with the idea of a new kind of pillbox/button block in mind............

bon courage

This is a brim block. The crown block would sit on top and be kept in place by short wooden pegs that fit into the holes seen on your block. One end of peg would go into the crown block and the other would insert into the brim block to hold both in place.

Thanks ladies.  I know it is a brim block I'm just wondering if anyone can tell me what type of 'hat' it actually makes.  If you understand what I mean.  I was trying to get some idea before I spend time blocking on it. 

It makes this style of hat but because I cannot gage well from picture of block it might make a smaller brim and in the end it depends on how you as a creator want to position and or cut the brim.  I only make unique designs and build most of my own blocks myself and when I buy standard classic blocks I do not necessarily stick to original proportions as I have been known to cut it smaller.   Without disrespect that is the difference between just a milliner and a model milliner/designer!

Stop dilly dallying and just block  it and create something using your 'eye' to make something unusual and stunning...after all the market is flooded with trilby's fedoras standard cloches etc...go for an original!!!!

Bon courage


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