Having just come back from my (very hot) visit to the UK, I would like to share a very strange thing that happened on my train journey to visit my millinery friend Marion Lowe.

I was halfway through my journey and minding my own business, when a fellow passenger struck up a conversation with me. On hearing that I am a milliner, he then proceeded to tell me of an idea he had for a hat - of course, my ears pricked up, and I quickly found a pen and paper - he then began to describe the very hat that i had on my block, awaiting my return complete with all the detail that I had in my head!

My stop came upon me too soon, and I had to rush to get off, but i did throw him my name and business name as I left the train, not ever expecting him to have taken note.

Imagine my surprise, when this morning, as I was working on said hat, I checked my email, and there was a message from him - even stranger, because, the name I gave him was not the name in my email address!


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If you gave him your name and business name it would not be hard to find out your email address.  I do it all the time when I am finding old friends or hight school buddies for my spouse or neighbors.  But, the fact that you both had the exact ideas and met in that way is indeed weird.


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