Hi everyone, I would like to create my own website and e-shop for millinery. Just closed my shop on NuMonday and I have been researching last couple of days but can't choose. Wix, Squarespace or Shopify? Please, let me hear your thoughts and experience. No Etsy or any marketplaces.

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I prefer Wix, as I found it's a better monthly rate and easy to use. Best of luck,


I used bigcartel (very basic) when I first started and then moved to Shopify and absolutley love it. I can’t speak for any other website interfaces but I love that Shopify has website templates that are easy to use, I was able to design the whole thing myself, I can add plugins and it all connects to Instagram and Facebook. I also love that I was able to add afterpay payment option which allows customers to in instalments which makes expensive millinery seem more affordable. They also have their own new email marketing addition to the website to save having to go through a third party provider. It is basic but it cuts down on one extra monthly cost which all counts when you are starting out! I’m not sure if the costs of others buy this has worked great for me so far! 

Good luck! 

Shopify has the most apps and themes and you can sell on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and much more just through your listings on Shopify. It is by far the most advanced system, I use it for humboldthaberdashery.com and millinerybyamyfowler.com. And very helpful customer service.


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