want to crystalise a quill .. how easy is it to do?

want to add crystals to a quill, would the kandi kane do the job for me or do i have to apply with stronger glue - only want some scattered, not completely covered, although that sounds cool too if not rather expensive

noticed a millinery school teaching this which made me question if its hard or not to do, as i thought would just be a case off applying with the crystal wand that heats the glue on reverse of the crystal

any advise or tips much appreciated


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I haven't been able to suggest any special way as I am not big on bling- just not big fashion trend in Australia. I will message one of Milliners who adds bling very effectively, to ask her to share how she adds crystals - Elaine

Hi Kate,

I "BLING" my hats with Swarovski Crystals and Rhinestone Bandings.  I personally don't like the  the hot fixed stones glued with the gun because over time, the gun will build up with the glue and eventually mar the stone.  I use the No Hot Fix Stones, "Beacon Gem-Tac Permanent Adhesive," along with a 10ml syringe and the tip that goes with it and a Rhinestone pick up stick.  You can make your own rhinestone pick up stick by using a skewer, melted candle wax by molding them in your fingers into  a very fine point or ball, and add it to the skewer or you can purchase one at a hobby or craft store.  ALSO, you can view YOU TUBE and they will show you how to add the stones, this is how I learned.  If you do use your Kandi Kane be sure the heat from the gun won't harm your quill, I'd test it out 1st. Also, to clean up your stones, use alcohol or glass cleaner, again, test this before you do it. Hope this helps,

God Bless,


thank you for your advice, sorry only just noticed your reply

i will try your method .. can i ask what crystal bandings are? im not familiar with those unless a different term/name is used in the UK

thanks again

kate x

I find covering areas with gem tac or other good glue that will dry clear and  applying glue on crystal rather than hotfix it is cheaper and quicker also as you get further down the quill  hotfix can become difficult to stick. One problem you will find with crystal covered quills is that they can tend to become whippy rather than stiff so work with the smallest crystal that you can at the narrowest parts to reduce the weight. If quality of crystal is not issue use acrylic ones as these would be lighter and cheaper,

DON'T know how I missed your message KATE, I'm so EMBARRASSED.  Just saw this.  This is an example of Rhinestone bandings,  http://www.ebay.com/itm/Crystal-Rhinestone-Banding-Trim-Silver-2-Ro...

If you are adding rhinestones directly to the feather, I have found that the special rhinestone heat gun for the hotfix rhinestones DOES NOT WORK. The glue simply did not stick to the feather. I use my hot glue gun very, very carefully and hold the crystal in place until it cools. Sometimes I use a metal tool with a toothpick-sharp tip to dot the hot glue. It's not a foolproof solution by any means but if you're careful it may work for you. Also, the larger stones 4mm and up work best for this method.


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