When is it appropriate to remove your hat or when should a lady avoid wearing a wide
brimmed hat? Find out here

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Thank you Elaine for bringing back the memories... It has been a very long time since a Gentleman tipped his hat to me on first greeting.... gone are the days of good manners and etiquette. My dad bless him gone  11 years, always tipped his hat at first greetings and removed his hat coming through a doorway. Although I still keep that house rule today no male gender is allowed in my house with a hat on even the young and their caps also no face covering including the burka... I have refused entry to a guest in this case.  My country, my house my rules.

Lovely. And what's more, I think I am going to start calling 'Fascinators' Whimseys from now on!

I think common courtesy is the main indicator of when to take your hat off.


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