Its been sometime since I have posted anything into the Hat Academy, but I thought you might be interested in my creation using Spider Tissue and Indian Silk Paper.

I have called this tilt hat Translucide, as the translucent quality of the tissue is part of what make this so special. It has a bandeau which creates the tilt. and has been decorated with a combination of inks, oil paint and dye

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It is lovely, almost like a wrapped birthday present.  Out of curiosity, what happens if it gets wet?  Does it hold its shape well?

Hi Sharon, it will hold its shape as well as any treated silk would. It will repel water if its a light shower, but I wouldn't want to get it wet

Thanks Ruth. It really is pretty but when seeing unfamiliar fabrics I always worry about how they will react in the rain of if they will fade in the sun.

You did another terrific job. 


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