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Have bought some tinalak and am keen to get experimenting. Just wondering what everyones experiences are with it. Is it blockable? Would you block it by itself with say 3 layers or would you block it over buckram? TIA

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I've used it a few times and blocked over buckram.  It is blockable, (dampen first) but you can't work it too much, as it starts to break down.  Needs gentle persuasion!    It doesn't block too well over complex or deeply curved shapes either - doesn't have the 4-way flexibility of straw or felt.  Stiffen as you would straw.

It does shape beautifully on the bias though and I've used it in this way very successfully.  i.e. use as you would a heavy linen or cotton fabricThe attached picture is of a covered hat, using tinalac.  Attached the cxrown and then used tinalac on the bias for the sideband and brim.   The brim is actually just folded on the bias and pressed into curved shape with plenty of steam! 

It drapes really well too, and, like silk abaca, can be swooped and sculpted and will hold it's shape beautifully (although I haven't done this yet).  Comes in gorgeous colours too!  Oh, and only needs one layer - but I used a layer of interlining between the buckram and the tinalac.    Love it!!

Hi Lucy, 

Great to hear you are keen to experiment with this. Tinalak doesn't has as much give as other straw materials such Sinamay so there are limitations to blocking but you can certainly block simpler shapes such as round pillboxes (e.g. see cute headpiece below by designer Mich Dulce). Blocking with three layers may be too thick but blocking over buckram is ideal. Because of its fine close weave, it is also ideal for sticking to or blocking over thermoplastics such as the Wonderflex. 

For more information on Tinalak please click HERE

For more information on Blocking Materials please click HERE

Wishing you all the best! 

Kind regards, 

Team @ House of Adorn


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