The Pillbox is with us forever, Jackie Kennedy is the person who immediately comes to mind. What do you love about this yesteryear look? Share your pillbox collection, favorites or ideas below.

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The pillbox is a great vintage style for a classy outfit for the races. My pillbox was my first hat made at Elaine's course at the Cobb n Co.


This is gorgeous and I love the pink!  Well done for a first.  My first pillbox was less dramatic, but I followed the instructions from an old millinery book and I was quite pleased with the result.  (sorry about the huge photo ... )

Beautiful fabric Greer. If it wasn't such loose weave fabric you would need to cut outer edge on the bias. I make more pillboxes than any other style all in fabric and they sell best with veiling. Pill box lessons coming soon

Yes, I tried it on the bias, but the pattern didn't work so well.  I like the slightly rustic element to this hat, I've worn it with a casual jacket and jeans.    Look forward to the pillbox lesson - and learning more about veiling - I'm a novice with that. 

I like the way Jackie wore here - on the back of the head.  

Same here. That is how I wore them in 1960's Because I have a wide face the smaller ones look like a pimple on the pumpkin. I will share the block I used for the back of the head style as they are wider block than used for the green pillbox in pic.

Elaine, I'm in the process of ordering what I call a Jackie Kennedy Block.  Would you mind sharing the dimensions of your block?  I'm wondering specifically how tall your hat is.  Is it rounder in shape than the oval on top of the head pillboxes?  

Will measure and put pic up soon- E

20cms width from LH side to RH side and 21.5cm from front to Back. Height  of finished Crown 8cm which is maximum height and collar base which tucks up inside when finished. This is a favourite of mine but has not had huge resurgence. This block shap  can be used as a crown on a wide brim also. It is a 5 piece block so an expensive block to purchase.  

Time to give it a resurgence I think, Elaine or Cynthia. It's gorgeous!  

Thanks for all the generous information.  Yes, I've priced beret puzzle blocks and they are expensive!  I'm making some buckram pillboxes until I can find the exact shape I need.  Of course, my kids already think I'm crazy since I am asking them to take many pictures of the back of my head with wire loops affixed to it.  

I know zip about veiling, netting, etc.  Do any of your videos cover that?


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