Supplies needed to start a small, at home millinery studio.

Hello everyone, I am new to this site. I have had a life long love of hats. I now have time to indulge my passion and am starting to take millinery classes. I would like to start investing in basic supplies that are absolute necessities for a home studio. I have been sewing for years, both by hand and machine. I know hat blocks and a steamer system are needed but, where to begin? What is a necessity vs. a luxury? What are the basic supplies I need to get started? How much money do I need to get started? Any comments or a list would be nice. Thanks everyone.

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Hello Glenna and welcome. 

The answer will, in part, depend on what type of hats you want to make.  Simamay, fabric, buckram, straw, braid, felt, etc. will be only part of what you will need if you want an all around shop but you can pick and choose based on what you do well and are comfortable working with. 

LOTS of pins, several colors of millinery thread (quilting thread is also good), millinery needles in different sizes, ribbons (decorative and millinery grosgrain or petersham), flowers, spray bottle, trims, lining fabric, stiffener, millinery wire and joiners (the newer plastic wire substitute works well on some things too) a workspace large enough to cut on the bias, good lighting, good rulers, good scissors (large and small), comfortable chair, comfortable shoes, and the patience of a saint.

I have probably forgotten something or many things but remember you don't need a boat load of these items and you don't need them all at once.  Browse several online millinery sellers and just get a feel of what is available.

Thank you for replying. Since I posted this I went to a week long class for millinery instructed by Jan Wutkowski and I have actually begun collecting everything I need, even have ordered some blocks too. I am going to work in a home based studio and begin with wool and fur felts since winter is coming on. I am very excited to get started on my workroom. I already had much of what I needed as far as sewing supplies.Again, thanks so much.


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