Good morning all!

I need some advice regarding a straw stiffener I recently purchased. I bought it on DeVroey Hats website. it came in a 500ml bottle with just written "Toxic" on it... No instructions or info about the components (except for a strange alcool methylique on the side, half scratched away). It smells like vinylic glue, but at the contact with water it solidifies.

All the stiffeners I used before where gelatines, so I don't really know how to use this...

Any suggestions?

Thank you so much in advance :)


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Hi Elisa, you'd be best to contact the seller for more information on the product. I'm not familiar with a product that solidifies in contact with water. I'm confident that what ever you do you'll be in a well ventilated area.

Also request MSDS sheet, so that you know what the chemical makeup is.  Some stiffeners can be very toxic, and as recommended use only in a well ventilated area or outside.


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