Hello Everyone,

I have been experimenting with stiffening Guipure lace using a variety of stiffeners ( Gelatine solution, Straw stiffener, Starch solution, Sugar solution and  PVA mix). Can anyone offer some advise in regards to this as nothing I have tried so far seems just right. Perhaps it is the concentration of application or a new method entirely. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


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Also, what type of  PVA glue do you use?

hi Jill, pls is the sugar solution a homemade? if yes can u pls show how is done

This is my guipure lace headpiece, non of the lace is stiffened. It has its own little mounts and they are secured to the wire head frame. This took about 50 hours to make, but was very happy with the outcome. My lovely friend Hannah was happy to model this for me. 


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