Hi everyone, I haven’t asked anything on here for a while but I was wondering if anyone has advice on stiffening Toyo straw? I have tried a general millinery stiffener which is PVA based but the straw, which I believe is derived from rice, ends up feeling like cardboard which is not desirable. I have tried using less of it but still not a nice effect. I’m hoping for something that stiffens the straw but leaves it with some flex or movement whilst holding the shape. Thank you :) 

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A recommended stiffener currently is the shellac based powder stiffener to which you add alcohol = dries quickly . and it gives nice sheen. Downside is not suitable for light colours as has a yellowish tinge. Check out suppliers for such Louise Macdonald recommends for buntal straw mats in her course. Hope this helps. :)

Thanks Elaine, much appreciated. I am using white so this may not work but will have a think. Thank you again, Marisa 

Check out DISCUSSION on left hand side Click all and search for anything you need . Under Stiffener all these comments from Milliners around the world https://hatacademy.com/forum/topic/search?q=stiffener

You could try dewaxed bleached shellac, it’s white in colour. Comes in power form and mixed with alcohol or metho. May have to experiment to get the right ratio. I use it in a spray applicator for more even coverage.

Thanks Cassie - can you share where you purchase this Ta xx

No worries. There are a few options if you just google dewaxed bleached shellac powder. Woodworkers groups, ebay. I purchased mine through this group along with other supplies 




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