Just wondering if anybody has any good tips and tricks for starting out?

Looking to buy some blocks of my own could anybody recommend any places? 

Any other things that I may have forgotten to buy along the way! 

Many Thanks


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I have purchased all of my blocks on E-bay.  Watch the bids, some go way to high, but if you watch you can sometimes pick up good blocks for $25-$35, depending on the type. Some of the older blocks might have cracks, but you can use wood putty to patch and then lightly sand.  Look for blocks that you can make several different hats on.

ahh brilliant thank you for the tip! cant wait to start buying blocks! Thank god ebay is here! looked at various other websites for hat blocks and there quite pricing, going to hunt for some bargin ones to get me started, so I can get making! 

Would you recommend using canvas blocks?

What type of hat do you want to make first, Jessica?  Felt, straw, cloche, brimmed hat, pillbox...?  

I was thinking of maybe starting with a felt hat, I need to find a block though first! I have so many different ideas, just want to make them all haha! 

What would you recommend as a good starting point? 

Thank you ladys for all the hints and tips, it's really helpful! :)

I think a cloche or a pill box are both good starting hats.  The closer the shape of the hat body to the block, the easier it is.  Have you signed up for any of Elaine's classes yet?  She provides some very practical advice on how to get started.  

Thank you so much for those links, they have been really helpful! 

Still looking to buy my first block as I havent found the one I want yet!

All this information has been really great thank you! if there is anything else or any other tips you can pass on that'd be great! :)

Thank you lovely ladies 


As im doing more and more research I think buying in a bundle would be more beneficial in the long run! 

I think thats what I shall be treating myself to after the christmas rush is over! 

Just looked at the website you recommend Dianne, everything seems reasonable on there more then likely be buying from that site! 

Hopefully father christmas will be good to me this year and treat me to some lovely blocks! haha 


which wood would you recommend for the blocks, obeche (easy pin) or Tulip (hard wearing) (+15%) ?


sorry to jump in on this, but I am just starting off and need to buy the blocks, for lesson one on here what type of block/size do i need? 

The size will depend whether you are making just for yourself or for others. The average head size is 22 1/2 inches (57cm) All my wholesale hats are this size. To take your own head measure pass the tape measure around the brow and over fullest part of back of head -slip small finger under tape to ensure hat is not too tight after lining. Check out the brim block in Supplies -it has a slight slant and is a good style to start off with plus a dome crowm as you can turn that upside down to create a flat tip crown A collar is needed to enable you to attach crown to brim. Millinery is so creative you will enjoy - Elaine 

I have done some research and have tryed this out as well for those of you who can't afford a jiffy steamer, you can use a wall paper steamer and it works just as good!! Really is perfect and super cheap way!!

Im just a beginner here and I was wondering what kind of wool felt to start off with?


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