I've been on ETSY and Facebook for a few years now but am looking at starting my own website to sell my millinery. Would anyone have any suggestions as to where I should be looking to start a website?

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Hi Melissa, I haven't progressed to an online store but I have done my own website. There's plenty of companies which provide templates which you can use to set up your own site. I used Wix, and it did take me a while as I'm not great on the computer but for now it's OK. Wix has all the options to add an online store and set up payments etc. I've found it reasonably easy to add photos to my site etc. My business is Hat Ensemble, have a look. Not perfect, but better than nothing at this stage. Good luck. Sue

I use wix for my website. Its easy to use their template though it might take a while. You can view my website here in which I used wix. https://www.lbhatdesigns.com/

Hi! I like your site! Tell me, please, how long have you been building your site? And did you  get some courses before that? Or is it possible to do everything on my own? I never thought making my own site, but when I saw yours, a couple of ideas for my site were already born

Thank you. I cant really remember how long it took me. Let's say like a month. But I keep on updating it as time goes by. No I didnt get some course before that. Its possible to do everything on your own. The basic things you'll need are pictures, a write about your business and most importantly creativity. Its left to you to decide how you will want everything arranged and also choice of colours. Also you can take a look at other websites that sell hats or other products to guide you on how you will want your pictures displayed and on the set up of the site.

Thanks so much for the answer in detail! I appreciate it. I will try to start building my site in my free time. If it is worthy, then I'll post a link here when it will finish. Or I'll come with new questions :D

Hi ladies

Thank you for your replies. I've bitten the bullet and gone to Wix at your suggestion. It's still a work in progress as the computer side of millinery is not really as enjoyable as making millinery but it's definitely something to learn. 


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