I read once that felts can not be worn to a spring racing event and that felts can only be worn in winter. The spring carnival in Melbourne is very often really cold.

Is this just one persons point of view? Please share your thoughts.

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WOWOWWWWW.....THANKS, I'm going to post this on my FACEBOOK page.  Now, honestly, I like velvet on straw even today, I made a parasissal straw hat a few years ago with a large suede rose with velvet leaves.  Again, THANKS for the info.

I'be got a Spring/Summer headpiece in straw, sinamay and a VELVET flower - works brilliantly!

Yes it does Greer, I like this combination. :)

Is anyone watching *Boardwalk Empire*?  Every episode contains many beautiful hats from the 1920s.  To me it is strange to see men wearing straw boaters while wearing a three-piece suits (with wingtip shoes) while walking on the beach.  The straw hat seems so casual and summery, while the wool suit seems wintery and formal.  Now, I like a summer suit and a boater - striped seersucker with a straw boater!  

I tape Boardwalk.  I love their style of hats, clothing and Nucky.

Winter white is fine but not WHITE.  I wear ivy, egg shell, beige and Winter White in the Winter, but I'm still stuck in a time warp and one of tradition.

Hi Bronwyn,
I have always been told felt for autum/winter and Sinamay and straw for spring/summer. This is from my retail days at Myer and now millinery.


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