Sourcing high density polystyrene foam for block making

I have seen some classes including from Judith M. using a special kind of foam for making hat blocks. Does anyone know where to buy the right kind of foam for this type of project? When I search online I get a little confused between foam used by builders as insulation and foam for model making by architechts (which is pricier)- but maybe even smoother and easier to work with? If anyone has experience sourcing or working with either type, I would appreciate the information.


Corina Haywood

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I will have to google it again, Kylie, as I didn't follow it up. I can tell you, that they only sell it in 8' long sheets. If you are in Mel, maybe you would like to buy a sheet and split the cost? I will google it today!

I wish I was. Im in central qld 


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