I just bought a sloping crown, ordered in my size of 22.5 inches, however it is taller than I expected. Is there any way of blocking the crown not as "deep" but then I'm presented with a larger circumference.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

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Strangely enough I've done a practice crown and it seems to fit. However still open to feedback for future reference.

Good news- you may want to wire the crown if you think it could stretch.

That is so disappointing Penelope.

If the difference is only .5inches you may be able to fill in the internal circumference  of crown - a strip cut headsize x .5inch made from a layer of felt or wadding. You would block brim using collar correct size but you would need to hide wadding/felt with a braid that could be seen ... it will appear botched up

If a felt can you add folds as a feature ? If using straw not as forgiving.

The best solution is to contact block maker explain the problem and ask if he could re shape so at the height of X" it is 22.5inches Ask for a quote plus you will have freight again. This will be costly but at least you will have a usable block. If you try & use fillers you will get so frustrated every time.   Maybe a local woodworker could help you.

Hope someone else on HatAcademy has solved this one before.


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