Is there anything you can spray on handmade silk flowers to stop them loosing their shape?  I think it might be from the humidity here but my flowers look just gorgeous and extra shaped but loose it when we have a humid day.  I use 1/4 PFD glue and 3/4 water mix to stiffen, should I maybe make this mix stronger?



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I use hat stiffener.  

With the hat stiffener is that the same as the felt stiffener used for parasissal? And how is it applied? Do make the flowers as per normal and then paint the stiffener on afterwards?  Sorry for so many questions.



I have used both methods with staw/felt stiffener that is toxic you need to stretch the silk out and brush on -due to fumes wear ventilated mask or in workstation for fume extraction. Stiffen ,cut out petals then tool. The advantage is colour change particularly for white/cream bridal is minimal.

For hats I am selling wholesale I dunk & squeeze out in 50/50 PVA glue & water, press out under ironing cloth. It is stiffer than your combo & needs more working to create petals, but it holds well. Came across another recipe but will search for it & post. I have never used it but a top milliner uses it.  

I've been suggested to use a spray on clear finish, what are your thoughts on the use of this?

Elaine beat me to it with her first scenario.  

I stiffen more silk than I can use in a year at a time.  I go outside and brush on the toxic stiffener until it is saturated.  Then I hang it up on a clothesline in my garage and let it dry for about a week.  I just got an electric tool (as opposed to the ones you have to heat up).  The jury's still out on the electric tool.  

I like the ironing method that Elaine described - especially when you need to turn the flowers around quickly. 

I think the paradox with hat making is you're trying to build something sturdy that can withstand normal wear and tear, but the goal is to make it look delicate and ephemeral.  

I have some Helmar spray as suggested and will try it Lynda.(on road to Ballina for funeral so it will be tried tomorrow) I go to Swann agencies often and will ask about other brand suggested.My concern for spray on is slight colour change esp for bridal - they are so fussy about the right shade of ivory!!

I brush straw or felt stiffener onto silk dupion with a brush, hang to dry overnight, cut out my shapes and then tool. No frayed edges and hold their shape perfectly even in the Irish weather!


Hi Lynda,

Have you tried a gloss spray yet? Its great for adding extra stiffness and helps keep their shape.

Christie :)

Not sure if you mean this Design Master Sealant. Guarantees to dry clear and prevent ribbons going limp This may be solution.  Note Warning as fumes can not be inhaled or touch skin. I tried it in fume cupboard and did not alter colour but did not stiffen either but as a Sealant would keep moisture out. Available from Swann agencies Brisbane but local florist may sell it

Hi, No I

I managed to get a matt spray sealer from Lincraft, the only thing available unless I waited a week or so to order something.  I'm very happy with the finished product.

This is the front view.


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