I bought all three silk abaca lessons and I am really enjoying learning the new techniques. I especially enjoy making the ruffles and I had a go at weaving. This is fast becoming my favourite material to work with! What type of base do you think is best for a silk abaca hat and why?

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I to have done the classes and loved them. There was no real mention of how to use it in the blocking. I have made the flowers, ruffles and bows which all look fabulous I just haven't mounted them on anything. I did buy matching sinamay to block some bases. Would love to try blocking some silk abaca. I also tried using it to bind, but I wasn't successful as I was unable yo cut it on the bias and the finish just wasn't any good.
Your pieces look fabulous, well done.
Thanks. I'm just using small circle bases at the moment. The next thing is deciding on a price....
I'm enjoying the braiding with dual colours immensely. Has anyone else tried the braiding yet???
I didn't do much with the braiding but used the ruffles. I even went as far as to stiffen other materials experimenting and make the ruffles, it worked well. I just made tubes ironed them, stiffened with fabric stiffener from lincraft and made the ruffles as shown in Amanda's class. I am happy with them but they aren't on a hat yet.

Oooh that sounds like fun!  What types of fabrics, any, or silk???

Have tried cotton sateen and satin. But you could use anything just needs stiffening to make it look fuller.


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