I wonder if anyone can help. 
I know that silk abaca can be dyed “a colour”
is it possible to dye it white. I know it’s difficult to get a lighter colour unless “bleaching” of some sort, which would damage the fabric. But is there a gentle “white” dye that will work? 
thank you 

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You are correct about bleaching and would not come out as dead white. Even with coat of florist spray design Master in white over the ivory may not be a dead white you want. https://www.houseofadorn.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=+Design+master...  Next idea is to use a spray from hardware - take silk abaca with you and seek advice from paint experts. The main thing is you want a coating not a covering that is filling in weave most of top milliners do exactly this - experimenting is our greatest teacher. Share with everyone your results Best Wishes, Elaine xx 


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