How do you sew on ribbon that goes where brim & crown meet. Do you stitch all the way around or just tack?

Do you use the same type ribbon for edging the hat?

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If at all possible I just join the ends of the ribbon and then hide that join with something - flowers, feathers etc. otherwise I just make very tiny occasional stitches that will not be noticed by the naked eye. 

Maybe use the same ribbon around the edge, maybe not, so many variables its really your choice

Hi...thanks so much for your reply. I have another question...I'm trying to attach wire to brim. I'm using leather needle in sewing machine (as Elaine told me to), but mostly the thread is going around wire & not attaching to felt. Any tips, or perhaps I should try it by hand.

Your hats are amazing. Some of the most beautiful I've seen!

Well, thank you Stephanie,

there are a lot more out there far better than me, I have only been doing this for a short while and am still learning....

As for attaching the wire to the brim, it can be a bit difficult, it seems that you need to make the stitch bigger (longer) and make sure that the wire is against the felt. Personally, if its a full size brim, I find it easier and I have more control if I stitch it by hand. Your stitches won't bee seen anyway if you are covering the brim.

If Elaine says use a leather needle, I'm sure that's right, but I have found that a 'universal' needle works just fine.

Good luck


thanks again for reply...I am going to try it by hand stitching.

I did the wire by hand and it wasn't as hard as I thought. Do I cover wire with grosgrain ribbon?

Initially it is difficult sewing wire on by machine as you do not want needle to hit the wire and therefore it may miss catching onto the felt. The other problem is actual width of zig zag on some machines as widest stitch is not wide enough. Attach with blanket stitch if having this problem. Hand stitching can be so relaxing. :)

Hi Elaine...I am going to try by hand, Eventually I would like to use machine...but time will tell!

I haven't started my synamay class yet, (can't remember spelling), but I do have the material!

I have sewn the wire by hand & it wasn't as hard as I thought, and it was relaxing!  Now do I use grosgrain ribbon  to cover wire or seam binding or what??? Hand or machine stitch? Do you swirl ribbon or seam binding?


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