A local boutique will be selling my hats in store. This is my first time doing this. Does anyone have any tips for me? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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Hi Carena, usually it's sale or return, but make sure you cover yourself for damage/ theft. And also give the shop owner a 'little' lesson on trying on and general handling to minimise damage:-)

Congrats, Carena!  Good luck! Would love to do this myself, but have been scared off by the fear of damage to hats and lack of local shops.  I would need to travel at least an hour to find much of a market. 

How do I cover myself for damage/theft? Do I need separate insurance? I have household contents insurance already. And do I fill out a separate invoice sheet for each hat or put them all on the one page? Thanks. I had to make a massive hat box to put in 20 wide brimmed hats, and will put bubble wrap between them. I covered the box with black velvet.
I made a huge hat box and covered it with velvet. Do you think it would be ok to put bubble wrap inbetween each wide brimmed.hat? I have a short drive, then just a five minute walk with it. Do I help the shop owner unpack the hat?s
Yes I would definitely help the owner to unpack the hats Carena.
Yes I did that. She ended up taking six wide brimmed hats and three fascinators. I told her I would be keen to do a make to order service if anyone wants a particular colour.

The store should cover damage and theft.  If your doing a contract vs. wholesale make sure it is in your agreement.  If you want even stipulate the type of damage that you cannot repair ex: stains, people pulling things off that they would be responsible for.  I've been in a art gallery shop for two years now and n a vintage shop for one.  So far I've had no issues and if I'm worried about a shop I only offer wholesale.  Don't be afraid to express your concerns.  Congrats on getting in the boutique!

Thank you! Great advice!

I wish you the best!  I would love to see a sampling of your hats.

Thank you. It is nice to see things happening with them. I live in a town with a high tourist trade, plenty of foot traffic, and it is also THE place to have your wedding, booked out two years in advance, so I plan on branching out into bridal work soon.

Carena, it sounds like you have a lot of wonderful opportunities just waiting!

Yes indeed, thanks!


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