Hello! I am looking for satin ribbon that you use to make satin ribbon hats with. It's the same construction as a straw braided hat. I don't know where to purchase this type of ribbon braid. 

Thank you! 

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Hi J.E. Johnson,
There are a couple of steps to this process: First would be to purchase 5/8" satin ribbon in color of choice. It is then folded in half with horsehair(in similar color) in between to give it strength. The blocker can then sew it like braided straw. I use Jack in New York. He can be reached at jackhats64@yahoo.com. He can attach the horsehair to your ribbon as well as sew/block it. He can also suggest where to buy ribbon and horsehair(ask him what size horsehair you'll need). Good luck!

Hi Mike,

I tried emailing Jack but the email got kicked back because of the address. Do you have another email address for him?



Here is Jack's info:

516.578.6467 or jackshats64@yahoo.com

Sorry for the error- Best to you

Hi J.E. Johnson, I'm interested in learning how to make the same thing. Could you please let me know any good information, tips and tricks you find out along the way.

Thank You.


Yesterday I was introduced to a new millinery supplier by Elaine, and saw just what you are describing!  



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