I'm looking for anyone who could help me with the construction of Satin Ribbon Hats.  I have a straw braid machine, I'm familiar with how to use it to make polypropylene hats but the same technique I use on   the polypropylene braid does not work for the satin ribbon hats.  I've tried different techniques with my straw braid machine but to no avail.  ANY help, teacher, tutorial, book, video would help.  Attached is a pic of what I want my finished product to resemble. 



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I dream of owning a straw braid machine but it is such a big investment and with my location shipping is exhorbitant.


I wish the sewing machine vendors would come up with a straw braid machine for us, lots of milliners want them.  It took me 11 months to find one.  Hoping you get yours.

May God Bless,


Yeah, I don't want to buy a DIY project; I'd rather pay more and get a machine that works well right off the bat.  I think $300 would be a fair price.  I'd probably pay $500 for one that was close to perfect.  If I paid any more than that, I'd feel like I'd have to rope it off and not use it.  :)  I'm going to have to get a sturdy workhorse sewing machine sooner or later.  I have a computerized machine for fashion sewing and quilting, and I just can't bring myself to sew straw with it.  

But yes, you'd think someone would make a new braid machine.  Janome makes new treadle machines for gosh sakes. 

You can make straw braid hats with your regular sewing machine but it doesn't have the guides like you need for the straw and it is not made for the ever growing hat space that is needed.  Once you purchase your straw braid machine, you will need someone to cut a space in your table for the construction of the hat or buy one of those "Guineas" which will lift the machine off the table for you to complete your construction. 

I found something on the web yesterday but don't really know how trust worthy it is and when anyone mentions sending something by Western Union, my antenna goes up.  The pic shows a brand new straw braid machine that is sold from China.  I don't know enough about this site to recommend it but wanted to share this with you, if you do buy one, be sure you use your credit card for protection, I'd not send them a money order, just a bit leery of this.  They are not showing you how it stitches and they should. There is a place to ask questions too.  http://www.alibaba.com/product-gs/490366900/Thick_cloth_Sewing_Mach...

I saw the same one!  Oh actually, when I was talking about sewing straw, I was talking about Sinamay.  I baby my sewing machine and don't want to sew wire, Sinamay, etc. with it.  Heretofore, I have been sewing everything by hand - but I'm running out of time so I need to add a little technology to what I do.  :)

I bought my Janome back in 1984, it is definitely a work horse!  I made my 3 daughters clothes, stuff for the house and my clothes on that machine, its been in the shop once for timing and after I started making hats, its gets a work out on sewing the wire around the brim edge.  I bought a pearls N piping foot that is perfect for couching the wire inside it and letting me zig zag over the wire without breaking a needle, it works fine.  I use a heavy duty needle for this and been doing it since 1993 with no problem.  Before, when I did this by hand, it would take me up to 3 hours, by machine, 10 mins.

Hi did you ever find out how to do this

Where do you find this satin ribbon?

This is not my work, I was asking a question about how to use a straw braid machine with satin ribbon.  I know how to make straw braid hats using the antique machines but don't know how its done with the Satin ribbon.  Sorry.

same here I wanna know too but I am also new to the straw braid machine could we become friends and send each other videos you can text me your phone # mine is 302-887-0663.

Thanks a bunch I learn pretty fast.

Hello Kishaunna,

I'm not into the texting, I still have and use my old cell phone from 2004.  Don't do videos either, I still us a desk top computer and my husband has tried to get me to upgrade to this "Smart Phone" just too much for me.  He's tried to get me to do this "Tablet" thing too and my daughters are also trying to get me interested in the lap tops, no no, I am good to be on the computer.

If you like, I have a Facebook page and I do know how to use a digital camera but don't take pics of my work in action, I have so much to do, we fish a lot and with my many hobbies (sewing, crocheting, LOVE to cook, making computer generated cards, obituaries for people and doing church programs) keeps me more than busy.  I very seldom talk on the phone.  Here is my FB page if you're interested, just click onto the website, it will take you to my page. https://www.facebook.com/

Hello, Rose. Years ago, I was in NYC with milliner Vanilla Beane at a wholesaler. There was a designer making one on a special machine. We were in the showroom, so I didn't get to talk to her or find out about her machine. Hopefully, someone knows more. These hats are especially popular with the church Ladies!



PS I didn't see all the comments prior to this. Ooops!


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