Hats aren’t just for bad hair days.
 Nothing elevates an outfit quite like the right hat as outlined in this list.

What's your reason to wear hats?

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I don't only wear hats to occasions like Ascot!  I wear a hat to complete my outfit - basically for style! I create hats for others but do keep some of the original prototype designs I love for myself, a small selection for every season and any outfit which in turn promotes my designs to the world at large.!!!

Back in the 50 - 60 - 70's we always wore hats when ever we left the house. Both my parents had one for the farm, one for fishing, one for visiting or church, one for shopping same with us except we had to wear hats and gloves to high school. By the time I started my own floristry- bridal millinery business in Emerald in 1974, fashionable hats were starting to disappear and by 1980, it was rare to see ladies wearing a town hat.  

In 2014, after a holiday with family and friends in USA, it was very cold there 12 mths ago, I always wore a cloche, cap with scarf. When I came home  I meet Elaine after joining Hat Academy. Now, I wear a hat whenever I leave the house cause I rekindled my passion as a milliner and make my own hats. :)

I could not agree more, since I have been making hats I wear one to go out even to the supermarket, and have had positive comments and a lot of lingering looks. I think many women would like to wear hats more, but maybe are a little shy of standing out in the crowd.

yo solo por que me gusta , no me apeno o averguenzo, yo soy diferente  es parte de mi, marcar diferencia  sin prejuicios.

I wear hats almost every day just because I love wearing them. Sometimes I even wear them in the home even when I am going nowhere.

Yes Glenna I also love to wear hats because It protects me from sun light in the summer and from cold in the winter.

Glenna...I smiled when I read you even sometimes wear a hat around the house when though going nowhere.  You sound like a fun person. 

I like wearing a hat because a hat can instantly change who you are. There is a hat for every mood.  I particularly like to cock a hat...gives one a sassy  playful look.

I am a collector of Vintage Hats...and display them in my home.  Once in a while I wear one around the house, too.


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