An article from The New Your Times - Hats: ‘The New Tattoo’, talks about how Paris is gaining new millinery businesses, and reflecting that trend, retailers around the world say sales of hats and caps are growing. Stephen Jones quotes “The hat is no longer about prestige; it is about looking cool, about looking now.”

Why do you think the public interest in millinery is growing? 

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I think people are getting tired of chains of shops, high streets that all look the same, wearing the same clothes as everyone else... Here in the UK the desire for vintage, independent brands, handmade are all growing as a reaction to the massive supermarkets that sell everything. We want to look different now, and celebrate our differences and be able to express ourselves... millinery is a wonderful way to do that - and not as permanent as a tattoo!!

I think we all hope so.

I think world leaders should make the wearing of hats law..(my joke) . just think of the employment opportunities if hats went back to popularity like in the 1940s!


I think everything goes in cycles.  Everybody wants to look different but at the same time look the same to fit in.  If more celebrities started wearing them they would become VERY popular, but for now we have to hope for those few courageous people who want to be different then those who want to "fit in" will wear them as well.  I am not sure it will be anything like the 30s or 40s because we are not as formal as they were then but I still think we have a chance to see an upswing in the business.


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