Hi girls!!!

does anyone know where i can find poupee head not really expensive?

thanks xxx

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This is from a link on Etsy (Kathy Young) to create your own poupee head out of felt. She also sells the poupee completed and  the kit to make your own as well as the pdf instructions, and they are very cute. However they are not the authentic french heads.


Good Luck


Great link.  I wish I had time because I'd love to make one of those heads!  Also, those felted balls would make great trimming for hats.

Check out a discussion in Millinery Biz - http://hatacademy.com/forum/topics/displaying-hats

Not sure on prices but a great selection at Antigua Casa Balleste.


or there is always ebay...



  I'd like to know what size is best to fit all purposes....for example turbans. I'm really interested in buying a poupee head from Antigua Casa Balleste. They're a bit expensive but great quality. So....which size should I buy? I'd be really grateful for advice!!!

Use a Styrofoam head and wrap it in bandages keep things smooth and even use your tape measure to keep head size within 23inch standard or less....stitch in a few key places and secure well around the neck.  Easy

To anyone making their own felt poupee from the etsy directions, save a LOT of time by buying the 100% wool fabric from Joann's fabric.  It cut my time by 2/3 and I got a much smoother finish.  Buying the wool sheets for the hair, mouth, also helps a lot.

Don't try to needle the eyes in, just in the end, cut the eyes of black felt and glue them on.  Don't use the eye templates she provides, they're too small,  increase the size by around 20%.

It is a serviceable poupee.  It took a long me to make even with the shortcuts I made though, like over 10 hours, but it was second time needling wool like that.




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