hello everybody,

I just thought I'll tell you about my experience I've had with some professionals, namely photographers, makeup artist and hair stylist.

I exhibited at a wedding expo last year and was approached by a photographer. He really liked my hats..."and would I be interested to get together for a fun photo shoot?!"  A few months later this happened, 2 models, a hair stylist, a makeup artist, 2 photographers and my hats met on a cold afternoon in June for a TFCD shoot. 

The outcome was amazing, I was so pleased with the images, which I subsequently used for facebook, my website and in print.

The same photographer also wanted to do a shoot in my workshop...this happened a couple of weeks ago - again, I got wonderful images from this.

What I'm trying to say is: if your business is a small one ( as most millinery businesses are) and you really have to spend your money wisely for anything promotional or advertising - TFCD shoots are brilliant. Aspiring models and photographers are often on the lookout for opportunities to add to their portfolio - these type of shoots are a win win for everybody...and you'll be surprised how hats fit right in with this concept and indeed add another interest.

So next time you meet a photographer or go to a wedding expo approach them with this idea - you might be surprised and, in fact delighted with the result - I certainly was!


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This sounds so good Monika ... I'm toying with the idea of getting professional shots done, but had no idea where to start! 

I'll follow up with local photographers ...

BTW, silly question probably, but what does TFCD stand for??


TFCD stands for Time For Print or in other words: everybody puts in, nobody pays, everybody gets the images to use as they please afterwards.

A fabulous concept ... thanks Monika!


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