I've been asked to do a custom Panama hat for a friend's husband. Hat Supply in US has a few smalls left without any future orders. Does anyone know of a source for these unblocked hats? I can't seem to find anything online. I'm thinking,  it is because they are so readily available any size, at any price? 

Thanks for you input!


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Kathleen This site was recommended to me. Has anyone else bought from them??

They have a USA office. Double check through google & if successful purchase results let us know here. Thanks, E


Thanks Elaine,

I did email them for prices and information, so I will let you know. I'm not sure if they sell the unfinished hats/hoods as well as finished hats? 


I just ordered some from Manny in NY www.manhatco.com  I have been ordering from them, but this is my first order for panama, so won't be able to tell you about quality  low grade vs the really expensive. They run a little over $20 each. I am still waiting on my order.  They have several different colors.   You will need to call to place your order.  They have been very helpful.

Hi Bridget,

Thanks so much for your information. I did set up an account and used your name as a referral, so maybe they'll give you a free hat! Did you receive your Panama, and if so , how was the quality?

Thank you,


I did get my panama bodies.  I got both the natural and the ivory.  I found the ivory to be a slightly softer straw than the natural and was less likely to have straws break when folding under to stitch the brim, but both worked out fine. 

Kopka sell really good quality panama straws.

I have a couple dozen panama bodies 5" and 8" brim, purchased in bulk with a lot of other hat bodies from a former milliner. I don't often work with panama straw (prefer parasisal and balibuntal) and would be happy to sell some to you. I am in Texas. Let me know if you need a list/images of colors. Some are dyed, but most of the really wide ones are natural.

These were all woven about 10-15 yrs ago, so quality in general is a bit better than current "medium grade."

Hi Laura,

I would be interested in you Panama hats. I mainly do straw and felt - more casual hats. Let me know how much you'd like for your 5" and 8" hats. I can send you paypal or a check.

Thank you


I'll send you a message with details on what I have.

Appreciate your willingness to help Kathleen, Laura

Thanks, Elaine


I can't send you a direct message unless we're friends on Hat Academy. Pls check your inbox for a friend request. :)


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