When Packaging Hats for Clients we need to ensure that the hat or Headpiece arrives at the destination in perfect condition. Traditionally scrunched tissue paper has been used to fill the crown and spaces around the hat.

Do you have any ideas for the perfect packaging system?

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Check out this Headline re suitable large boxes for hats


dobry pomysł- dziękuje.

hello I have alot of trouble finding stackable plastic hat boxes that are big enough,so I had clear frosted plastic boxes custom made but had to buy a large quantity.The size of the boxes is 40cm x40cm x25cm high.I have attached a photo to show you what I mean. As for posting boxes there is a company in Lismore NSW 2480 called Kemp Agencies that now stock cardborad boxes that fit the hats to post.If you would like to purchase plastic boxes please send me an email.Janita McCloy

Howdy from Texas!  This is my first post and I am just starting my business.  Here is a picture of the boxes I use- 10" hexagon (7"tall) in either kraft or white.  I made a "cigar band" from kraft paper and attach my logo printed onto kraft paper.  This provides a layering effect which also shows that the entire product is touched by human hands.  Not only the hairpiece, but the special box for it also. 

I have found that for small comb pieces, such as the one in the picture, I can slice off the top few inches, punch new holes to thread the handle, and I have a custom box that isn't too big for the item!  I also nestle in kraft or white tissue.  I don't use color tissue because I am concerned about dye transfer...but that may not actually ever happen.

I purchased these boxes from a retiring milliner.  I believe they are made by a Canadian company, but haven't research it yet.

Well Gidday from Australia Marianne! Cool boxes! Hoping to find some nice ones myself.

Beautiful boxes!

Here is a site (in the states) that I haven't seen until now.  There are a lot of boxes on discount in many sizes.


I'm still on the search for the perfect box...I will stay tuned to this thread!

I use bubble wrap first and insert scrunched paper into the crown.  then just use more bubble wrap around the hat as it is more effective way to stuff hat box if sending by courier or post.  Exception is only when client is on premises then I do the reverse for hat box.  Bubble wrap into crown and then paper cover hat crossways to put into box.  I is much more cost effective using that method than just the paper thing.

Anyway work for me, none of my clients have ever reported any damage and boxes by post or courier ALWAYS MARKED FRAGILE HANDLE WITH CARE. 

p.s I would never use that sort of box though I use collapsible cardboard, more cost effective (that box would force me to demand even more money from the client to cover costs and profit margins)

The craft stores Joann Fabrics, Michaels and Hobby Lobby have lovely decorative boxes, but they are not always big enough for my hats, especially if the decoration is tall.  I look at antique stores for vintage hat boxes.  Staples.com has cardboard boxes very reasonable in all sizes and shapes. 


Hello Ladies,

We just want to let you know that we do supply hat boxes and have recently got a few new sizes in!


We hope this helps!

From the team at House of Adorn


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