When Packaging Hats for Clients we need to ensure that the hat or Headpiece arrives at the destination in perfect condition. Traditionally scrunched tissue paper has been used to fill the crown and spaces around the hat.

Do you have any ideas for the perfect packaging system?

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Flaxscinator Designs has found small boxes perfect for fascinators at Ikea

I have no problems finding smaller hat boxes at Bealls Outlet stores (they are all over the southern US) but ones large enough for large brimmed picture hats can be a trial to locate. So far I only have 2 from them and one travel case that was my mothers. I have had to restitch in (by hand) it's zipper. I went to use it and the threads had just disintegrated. The box is still in excellent condition. It is red snakeskin lined in black taffeta and has her initials embossed in gold on it. A treasure to be sure.

I came accross this hatbox supplier. They do custom made boxes and they look beautiful!


Absolutely beautiful!  Thanks for the link. 

I have seen these before.  They are beautiful, unfortunately too expensive for me.

Another supplier in the UK




I've seen articles from postal workers, baggage handlers, and shippers of anything fragile, and what they say, is that if you want to make sure your box is tossed around, write the word 'fragile' on the top :((  Maybe it's just one or two, but I'm not taking any chances!!

So because of this, I always write the word 'Please' above it, just in case they are having a bad day. Maybe it adds a little insurance :)

No matter what I ship I always write FRAGILE in red ink pen and also insure it. My attitude is, "You break it, You bought it." and after a great many years of shipping around the world I have only had 2 packages at all damaged. And yes, the Insurance always was paid...

When last parcel shipped out to Stores before Melbourne Cup I add a note on top "Thanks Mr Fastway (courier company) for caring for my parcels" plus give my loyal pick up guy a something for Christmas - gave him a quick-make fascinator for his wife just before busy Melb Cup one year. Everyone appreciates a thank you. To all the Australian Milliners -I recommend "Fastway" - they have never let me down in almost 20yrs.

In my experience, in the U.S., DHL and FedEx seem to have a better track record with packages than USPS (United States Postal Service) and UPS.  UPS will destroy your package, not return the destroyed package, and then charge you for shipping it.  They are the worst. Luckily when I had this problem with them, it was just a bunch of papers, which I could easily duplicate.  

You bring up a good point, Elaine.  All the mailing/shipping companies are not created equal.  Before the Internet, I used shipping services everyday. There are big differences, and the larger companies don't necessarily have better service. 

When mailing hats, I've made a cardboard cone (with the top cut off so that it's not pointy) that the hat rests on it the box to keep the brim from resting flat. This 'cone' has been well secured to the bottom of the box with tape. Not the prettiest thing in the world but I'm sure people are happy to sacrifice the internal asethics of a hat box for a non-damaged hat.

Good Idea!



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